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Welcome to Broker Heaven NY. I call Manhattan "Broker Heaven" because it is a tiny little island full of wealthy individuals and young, upwardly mobile professionals, all of whom are moving all the time. There is no better place in the world to be a real estate agent.

The term "Broker Heaven" can also be used as a metaphor for what is possible in this business: a Manhattan real estate agent working primarily from referrals with unlimited income, and great quality of life. Whether you strive to make six figures or have your sights set on more, literally anything is achievable in this unique market of ours.

This company is dedicated to helping as many of you as possible reach your own version of "Broker Heaven". There are far too many agents who are struggling or failing to reach their potential. That has always bothered me, and is my impetus for starting Broker Heaven NY. We believe you deserve to make more money…and we know we can help you maximize your business.   — GREG YOUNG

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