I have known Greg Young for a very long time. I credit him with all the success that I have had in real estate. His imaginative ideas are like no others. My company has hired “gurus” from all over the USA to come in and give a very costly seminar to show us what we can do to improve business. After about the first ten minutes, you feel you have had enough and your mind will start to wander off to some green golf course a short drive over a busy bridge not too far from where you are fighting to stay awake.

Not so with Greg. He has tremendous knowledge of the entire business from rentals to sales to running a big firm. He has been a student of every instruction book on how to sell ever made and should have written his own years ago. The beauty of what he preaches is that it is designed to work in the NYC market which as most of you know is much different than how things work over the rest of the nation. He has invented his own plan that will make any agent who follows it become more successful each year after he begins. I assure you that if you follow Mr. Young’s ideas you will become very rich in this business and you won’t have to work as hard as you do now. People will be seeking you out to buy and list apartments with you. As you can see, I am a big fan. Please feel free to call me direct if you would like to discuss this further.

Edward Berry, The Marketing Directors, Inc.

I enthusiastically recommend Broker Heaven—it had a positive effect on every broker and agent I interacted with during the first month of their business and succeeded in "turning on" a switch in all of us. Greg is a top notch coach—I marvel at his wide range of real estate business knowledge and appreciate his ability to zone in on my "problem areas." He forced me to improve, and I cannot thank him enough! Yvette is a master of presentation for marketing and a positive force in the partnership. I will be continuing on with Broker Heaven as I think there is always room for improvement and they actively monitor both you and the market.

Joan Brothers, Quinton Properties

When we first met Greg Young in early 2011, my business partner, Alex, and I were burnt out, working insane hours and felt we had met our peak earning potential.  We were discouraged and didn’t know how much longer we could keep going, even though we were making an “ok” living and were deemed successful by our peers and managers.

Under Greg’s guidance and motivation, we have now grown from a team of two partners to lead a team of eight agents.  By mid-August 2011, our projected yearly income has increased nearly 36% from 2010, with much more growth still to come.  For the first time in a very long while, we’re excited to work in real estate.  We can’t thank Greg enough for teaching us how to implement his proven techniques that have helped us grow and feel self-worth again in this business.

Broker Heaven isn’t just for those who are new to the industry; even experienced agents will walk away with a new perspective and valuable tools that will help them earn more.

Christine Carter, DSA Realty

My whole life people have told me I was made for sales. I would have to say I agree. I consider myself a people person, hard worker, and am highly ambitious, traits that when combined make a successful salesperson. When I was given the opportunity to begin a career in real estate, I jumped at the chance. Looking in from the outside and hearing the success stories of other brokers made me confident that this was it for me. Two months later I got my license and was ready to start making some money. The problem was, I didn’t know where to begin. Getting started with a career in real estate was way harder than expected. The 75hr-licensing course and company-training week provided little guidance as to what I should be doing. There is so much to learn and all on your own while on the job. Of course my managers and colleagues were happy to help, but that only went so far. They were extremely busy and couldn’t spend all day training me. I went two months without closing a single deal and needless to say, I was discouraged. A couple more months went by and I closed a couple of deals. Even then I still was lacking the formula to success. That’s when I was lead to Greg Young’s Broker Heaven.

Greg offered me to sit in on one of his open Q&A sessions. After answering my many questions, I was sold. He was absolutely amazing. He gave me feedback and direction that I could actually use. Not like some of the other coaches I had spoken to. I signed up for his 4-week rental program that day.

After day 1, I had a clear plan of execution. Finally, I had the formula to success. After completing the program, my business took off. I closed 3 rental deals that month. From that point on I continued closing 3-6 rentals a month.

Doing well in rentals gave me the confidence to enter the sales world. I closed out my first year in the business with 3 sales under my belt. I recently signed up for Greg’s Sales Program. Again, after just one session I have a plan to attract new buyers. I am very excited to continue the course and grow more knowledge and confidence.

If I can give any advice to a new or struggling agent, it would be to go to Broker Heaven NY. Never fear, G$ is here!

Michael Comandini, Citi Habitats

Greg Young taught me everything I know!

I first met Greg Young in 2002 when I was a new agent. He is an excellent trainer and motivator who gave me the "tools for success!" With Greg's help and advice, I have built a successful career in the very challenging world of NYC real estate. If you are looking for "the edge" that you need to succeed, Greg Young is the answer! I lead a team of 6 agents at Town Residential and I'm sending my whole team to Broker Heaven!

Robert Dvorin, Town Residential

You can call me the Poster Child for "Broker's Heaven." Greg has been a pillar of support from my early days in the business - which was a mere 4 years ago. His regular guidance and encouragement - whether in group training seminars or our priceless one-on-one sessions - propelled me to close more than $40 million dollars in sales in the last two years alone. None of that would have been possible without Yvette's enormous skill set which helped me navigate through the ever-changing process of closing these deals. I look forward to continuing our relationship... I have much to still learn from them both.

Sandy Edry, Keller Williams NYC

I hired Greg Young nine months ago. I had known about him for years and watched his progress with Broker Heaven closely before I hired him. Although I was aware of his reputation, he immediately impressed me as we began working together. His knowledge of the residential brokerage business is incredible and his philosophies and methods are more in sync with my own than anybody I have ever met in this business. In short, he is fantastic.

All my agents attend his rental, marketing and sales training programs and we use the Broker Heaven Seminars on Demand to supplement our own in-house training. Greg also works with our managers twice a month to help them master their craft. As a business decision, outsourcing this training to Broker Heaven is a no brainer. I get the best possible training for my agents and managers at a very reasonable price.

Khashy Eyn, Platinum Properties

Upon first meeting Greg Young, his towering frame and full mouth smile are the first to grab your attention. That is until, with a booming voice, he laughs and unleashes his familiar slogan, "WHO'S READY TO MAKE MORE MONEY BABY!" Needless to say, you'll know when he walks into a room. It is only the beginning of why he dons the nickname, "G-Money."

I wasn't sure what to expect when I met Greg, since he comes highly revered by all who have experienced working with him. Having built the success of the entire Citi Habitats Sales Division from the ground up with his own trial and error concepts, he's seen it all. So before I even met him, I was told I should trust him. Since trust doesn't come easy to me, especially in my business, I was going to have to witness his knowledge and ability first hand before I believed it, as it related to me and me alone. I never expected such a transformation of my business in such a short amount of time.

I originally came to Greg with only a vague idea of a plan to improve my business. I'd been attempting to increase my listings by approaching "For Sale by Owner" properties, with a generic idea of the proper steps. I was encountering obstacle after obstacle, mentally and logistically, since at only six months in the industry I was still a novice. Within two morning coaching clinics with G-Money, my partner and I were committed to utilizing techniques he specifically and clearly drew out with us. After only two weeks of appointments at "For Sale by Owner" properties, my partner and I landed our very first independent exclusive listing, through a cold lead. The success didn't end there—we had an accepted offer on the property after only two days on the market, receiving full asking price. It was a rush to see Greg's techniques and training come to fruition so quickly with these results.

Greg's methods can be best described as the two minute school of hard knocks, but you'll have to witness it yourself to fully understand the potential they can have on your business. It's different for everyone. He's seen and been through it all, has neatly consolidated his knowledge and wisdom into a little package with a bow and labeled it "coaching clinics" and "seminars." He can be found doing just this every week, at Broker Heaven on Park Ave, transferring his priceless lessons onto new pods of potential money making machines.

There are only a few things you have to bring to the table with Greg in order to have promised success: self motivation, and an ability to be coached. They way I see it we're all there for a reason, and if we're there, that means there's something about our business we want to change and improve. In order to change, we must first be malleable.

Greg proved to be an absolutely vital part of launching my business, with such a simple, clear cut technique and explanation. His cameo in my life proved an invaluable meeting, and one I know will continue to improve my business as it evolves in other ways as well.

Greg says he's not here to be your friend; but I'd be fooling everyone involved if I said that's not what he quickly becomes. Greg is enthusiastic and straight to the point. He educates in a way that seems so simple; uses methods that are usable and clear to follow. He reminds us we are doing what we love, and to always remember that. And as a closing thought, I'd say my advice to anyone out there looking to improve or even maintain a successful career in real estate: Schedule a meeting with G-Money as soon as possible…and trust him.

Jennifer Ferland, Corcoran

When I say meeting Greg Young (G$) and Yvette Polanco of Broker Heaven changed my life, it is truly an understatement. I feel like on that fateful day in August 2010, I was able to begin to see my true potential as a Real Estate agent. I proceeded to work very closely with Greg as a mentor on developing a plan for my career. His knowledge and experience were able to help guide me step by step in becoming the successful agent I am now, and I am only 2 years in the business.

Originally Greg's seminars solidified my plan on being the honest agent who makes good relationships, and helps guide people into making decisions and doesn't push them. Every big decision I have made so far in Real Estate involved a conversation with G$ first. G$ helped me get my first 3 Million Dollar Listing, and he helped me in getting an exclusive on NY's most expensive rental listing. Just like he said at our first meeting I have doubled my earnings every year.

Since then, I have attended every program Broker Heaven has to offer and each one has helped me in different ways . G$ is simply The Best Real Estate Trainer in all of NY and the entire country. Whether you're an experienced agent who wants to be more successful or an agent who is struggling to get past the tough times, which we all experience in this business, you need to jump on the 6-train and get on the path to Broker Heaven.

Steve Halpern, Citi Habitats

Greg Young is the real deal! I started renting apartments in 2003 and after I took his sales training I became a hybrid agent selling apartments as well. My sales have increased every single year since and so has my income. I now lead a team of five agents with my sister Elizabeth and our careers are fabulous. Quite simply, Greg is the man and I’m blessed to have known and worked with him.

I used to refer to Yvette Polanco as the “Gem” of my company. I don't think I'm overstating it to say she was one of the hardest-working people we had, and I know I personally could not be as successful as I am without her support. Not only was Yvette always accessible and always ridiculously responsive in attending to all my requests, she was good enough to go beyond the scope of her already busy job and help me with extra things that I needed assistance with. Plus, Yvette is just a doll and always such a pleasure to be around - don't know how she does it!

Tracie Hamersley, Douglas Elliman

I have been in the real estate business for over a decade.  For years Greg Young was my mentor in the business. Not only did he make a more effective manager when I ran Citi Habitats largest branch office but he also created a guideline for future success by simplifying how we spend our time each day in this business.  I met with Greg when I first launched and his seminars helped spear head many of my initiatives today.   My  group launched in May of 2010 and I am happy to say that, in 2011,  I am on pace to crack the top 10 in the entire company.

Jay Heydt, Citi Habitats

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. No one has motivated me more than you Greg. Every time I go to one of your motivational seminars, I come away refreshed, renewed and ready to take on any challenge. You are one amazing speaker. You always manage to get everyone in the room excited with your knowledge of the Real Estate market.

I am so excited about the new venture that you and Yvette have started. I always thought to myself, "Greg should be doing this as a business."

I wish you and Yvette continued success. Thanks for being there!

Wendy Jodel, Town Residential


Over the years, I have been exposed to many seminars, training classes and personal coaches and have not found them as effective and knowledgeable as your training. The classes and seminars you offer are priceless to me. It is incredible how you and Yvette have always stayed on top of new techniques and approaches during the challenges the real estate market has experienced.

I get amazed thinking that just when I feel I'd been taught and exposed to everything ... you come up with a new technique and idea which helps my business grow further.

I highly recommend Broker Heaven to everyone who is looking to grow their business, whether they are new or seasoned real estate agents. Everyone can learn from you!

Georgia Kaporis, Halstead Property, LLC

As you may recall, I started at Citi Habitats towards the end of 2008. I can still remember seeing you on the elevator and shaking your hand saying "you will remember me," and you did. You often took the time to speak with me and encourage me to improve my business. To me you were more than our director of sales; you were a good friend to whom I could come with questions about anything related to real estate. Through your seminars I was able to quickly learn the ins and outs of the Manhattan real estate business during one of the most difficult years in its history. Although I was a rookie, I was able to grow my business very quickly, and now most of my leads come from referrals. I am on my way to "Brokers Heaven!"

I cannot thank you enough for your personal attention to my business. I can't imagine where I would be without your help. Without question, anyone who wants to become a top broker in Manhattan should attend your school. I look forward to being a participant again and again to help continue to grow my business.

David Kong, Corcoran

Greg, Yvette and Broker Heaven have been great for our business. The timing was impeccable, my partner Jesse and I started DSA Realty in 2007 and we spent our first few years building up our business and planting a solid foundation. As we started to expand from a small to mid-sized, we quickly realized that we needed help and Broker Heaven was our answer.

Broker Heaven has assisted us in many ways. The agent training is interesting and engaging. I still recall the first seminar I attended, Greg was informative and motivational. I couldn’t believe that as an owner I was learning some of the basics of the business for the first time. Add Greg’s one of a kind personality to the mix, and I was sold. Beyond the actual training our agents receive, the ability to market the utilization of Broker Heaven in our promotional materials has been a successful tool in hiring and retaining good agents.

The Management assistance Broker Heaven offers has been most helpful to me personally. Greg’s experience and advice is a positive force at our manager meetings. Most important however, Broker Heaven epitomizes an ethical career in the Real Estate business. As a trainer, advisor and consultant, our relationship with Greg has flourished because we cherish the same values. Real Estate is a career where one can be successful doing the right thing, we believe it, Greg teaches it and our agents prove it.

Arik Lifshitz, DSA Realty

Whether you are a fresh-faced rookie or a seasoned veteran, you will learn, grow and most importantly, MAKE MORE MONEY with the knowledge you get from Greg Young at Broker Heaven. His clear and direct explanations combined with real life stories help to make what is often complicated and boring material come to life. In fact, you'll get so many helpful tips aimed specifically to increase your income that it would be impossible to lose money on this educational investment in yourself. Thank you Greg for helping our Level Group agents stay ahead of the competition!

Larry Link, Level Group

Knowledge! Motivation! Techniques! Skills!

There is no one I can think of that can better help New York real estate brokers be more successful, gain knowledge, and learn how to improve their business than Greg Young. Greg's many years of experience in training agents and running sales divisions in Manhattan real estate firms have given him the absolute edge over any other business coach. His expertise and motivational skills are unmatched.

I have attended many of his seminars, and after each one I left with more knowledge and new skills to help me grow my business, as well as the inspiration needed to do so. Any time spent with Greg Young will be the most valuable asset a broker can have. I truly attribute a lot of my success in real estate sales to the fabulous training I received from Greg, as well as the ongoing seminars I continue to attend.

Elaine Mayers, Citi Habitats

September of 2008 was one of the worst times in our recent history to be in real estate school, and it marked the beginning of a new venture upon which my livelihood was riding. Hard work and long hours never scared me; but I was in for a rude awakening. Manhattan real estate is an animal unlike any other… and who in their right mind would try and tame a lion without a guide, let alone some ammunition?

Well, I was set to try just that! But I failed miserably. In all fairness, I was making money, averaging about 6k/month, but at the expense of sleep, eating and sanity.

I met Greg about six months in when I was called upon as one of Citi Habitats "Rising Stars" to speak to the rest of the company. Without realizing, 99% of my answers came back to one idea, which was simply to outpace everyone else.

A week later in a one-on-one hour with Greg and our other managers, the burnout was evident. I hadn't taken more than a day or two off in months, and they advised me to slow down. Greg offered a very practical solution, "go home for the holiday (4th of July was upon us) and when you return you and I will delve into your business."

A few weeks passed in a flurry of more deals before I called Greg and we sat down. We spoke of what happened to date, what I wanted from the future, and together we set forth an entire plan of how to achieve it. In another moment of arrogance, I only implemented a few things with moderate results. A few months later, Greg stopped me again and I admitted my shortcoming. However, what I did implement was working! I was making more and working less (also a sign of the fall vs. summer). In his casual manner he jabbed me a few times about the next steps and I took it to heart. His methods were starting to work.

Since implementing much of what he has taught me, 2010 has been bright! My first sales exclusive in contract in just 3 weeks on market, average rental commission up 100%, more time away from work, 90% referral-based business. My main goal when I began this career is working: to make a living, control my schedule, and continue my other pursuits with the time and money made in real estate!

All signs point to Broker Heaven. So much so that I will be there myself to help implement the last of his methods to continue my growth in 2011. We all know the sky is the limit in NYC, but at what cost? The cost of Broker Heaven vs. that of an early heart attack seems an easy compromise!

Congratulations, and thank you Greg. I am looking forward to many more years of success to come with your help.


Tom McNichols, Citi Habitats

Broker Heaven brings tremendous value to Miron Properties as we grow our firm into a major player in the New York City market. Yvette is a superb communicator who quickly teaches our agents the marketing and organizational skills necessary to make real estate a career. Greg, a legend in our industry, trains and coaches our agents – bringing out the best in each. Perhaps of most value, Greg is uniquely adept at taking managers and making them great leaders. In my mind, Broker Heaven is an unbeatable value.

Jeffrey Schleider, Miron Properties

For anyone in the business more than 2 years, The G$ System is a must! I have been in the business 7+ years and the things that G-Money taught me as far as organization, closing techniques and keeping in contact with all of my old clients have transformed my business! Almost overnight!! Thanks a million, G-Money!

Jorge Vega, Miron Properties

I'm taking time from my busy schedule to write about two of the NYC residential real estate industry's most knowledgeable and professional experts. The combination of Greg Young and Yvette Polanco offers the best counseling and guidance available.

Greg Young

I have known Greg for 7 years. In this time I have had several one-on-one meetings regarding "How to Improve My Business." His words "Broker Heaven" has been his mantra for as long as I've known him. Greg's time with me has proven to be most helpful in expanding my contacts, getting referral business, and helping me become a "Hybrid Broker." His words are powerful, thought provoking, and effective. Attending a seminar with Greg is entertaining while being loaded with great tips to become a better agent. Regardless if you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, Greg Young can help bring out the best in you. I would strongly recommend Greg and his firm "Broker Heaven" to anyone wishing to be become a more successful and wealthier agent. You will leave a different agent than when you walked in.

Yvette Polanco

"LOGISTICS". This best describes Yvette, who knows everything there is to know and is always willing to take time to explain, teach, and help any agent. Her personality and big smile light up a room, and being with her, you know you are in good hands. Regardless of your back office needs, Yvette can help. She is extremely computer savvy. Plus she can assist with newsletters and e-blasts to your clients, and generally help you to get full exposure in all facets of your real estate business. Tracking your past, current, and future clients, Yvette is a vital ally for building your business and helping you reach "Broker Heaven."


Jeff Vogel, Citi Habitats

After being in real estate for five years, I was burnt out and ready to quit. Greg Young had tried to talk to me over time as I was getting more and more discouraged with the business, but I didn't want to hear it. I told him I didn't want to waste his time, that I probably wouldn't take any of his advice anyway, and that "I was done with this business." He said he wanted to try and help me, and it wouldn't be a waste of time. I left it that if there ever came a time when I was ready to change the way I looked at real estate, I'd talk to him first because I knew he "got me."

Well, I finally got to the point where I couldn't really quit the business because we were smack in the middle of the recession, and I had no clue what else I would do for money. The problem was that I wasn't making money in real estate. I bumped into Greg and told him I was ready to talk. We had an informal conversation that night, and he followed up with me the next morning asking if I wanted to come to his office and discuss my business. I did, and he helped me be more positive. That was a tough job because I am a very negative person when I'm down. Greg sat there and patiently heard me out and addressed my problems. He did this with the laid back nature and good humor that makes Greg, well, Greg. I listened to his advice and used it (most of it!). He told me that if I ever needed to talk, his door was open for me anytime. Since then, every now and again, I still take advantage of that offer. Sitting down with him brings me back to the basics, and always helps.

Without Greg, I would have surely left the real estate business, but instead, a year or so later, I'm still here doing much better than I've done in many years. I think anyone who feels they just need a little push in the right direction, to be more positive and focused, will find Greg just the guy who can help!

Scott Waldman, Citi Habitats

Greg is a coach's coach of the highest caliber. He has been an indispensable mentor to me and my partner (master coaches ourselves), and the majority of our agents. His approach is direct and his impact undeniable. Our runaway success as a company and as individuals is due in large part to his contribution. I strongly recommend him to anyone in any part of the real estate business. He is just that good.

Bianka Yankov, Spire - A Kurland Holdings Co

Broker Heaven is a MUST for every agent in the business. Even if you have been in real estate for a long time, G$ will find a way to dramatically improve your communication skills, your mindset, attitude, advertising techniques and your ability to master the market.

In my case, I started 3 months ago in June 2011, and I was totally new to real estate and to sales in general. In my first week I went to Broker Heaven and immediately was drawn to G$’s personality and aura. I knew from the first moment that I wanted to be like him and learn how to live a life by referrals.

He is committed to help every single agent and he explains his techniques in such a clear way that it is a joy to listen to him.

Besides sharing all his knowledge and expertise gained over his many years of experience there is something even more valuable to gain from being at Broker Heaven. It is hard to find words for it but it has to do with his character and attitude - something that makes highly successful people unique. Being around somebody who has proven himself to be one of the best real estate salespeople in NYC helped me get rid of my negative mindset and challenged me to start a different way of thinking and speaking.

I learned so much and I am grateful to say that in my third month of doing rentals in NYC, I was able to do 11 deals by incorporating his techniques.

I strongly recommend everybody in this business go to Broker Heaven and get inspired by this extraordinary teacher.

Clemens Zecha, A.C. Lawrence & Co.